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Parenting Coach Services 

This program is ideal for children and family’s who are experiencing behavioural challenges and are open to intervention to assist with problem-solving and finding effective tools and solutions best suited for each child and family in need.

The program offers one-on-one family support to assess, discuss and observe concerns and/or worries identified by the family and to provide manageable and successful strategies to help resolve the concerns.

Families will also receive insight and education regarding children’s development and behaviours, given their own developmental stages and ages.

Children often communicate through their behaviours and through non-verbal communication, especially when they do not have the expressive language, emotional maturity, and/or are experiencing new life challenges, such as separation/divorce, quarantine/pandemic, grief/loss, changes in routine, etc.

This program is best suited for children ranging in age from two (2) years old to twelve (12) years old.

Home Schooling
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Terms and Conditions:
$150.00 per 50 minute session. 

*Fees are subject to change 

Melissa Klassen is a Parenting Coach in contract with Co & Associates. 

As a Parenting Coach, Melissa is unable to provide therapy and does not operate as a therapist. Melissa is unable to provide any diagnosis regarding mental health and/or developmental abilities. 

Melissa is able to provide tools, recommended educational programs/worksheets/schedules, and support to implement recommended programming and strategies.

Family & Education Services with Melissa
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Parenting Coach

50 min. session $150.00

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Educational Services

Packages range from $75+