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This is Co & Associates

Our Mission

Co & Associate's mission is to normalize the therapeutic process and to promote emotional health for individuals, partnerships, and families by engaging in a collaborative, meaningful, and empathic relationship with each client.


This is a joint process, where we will identify the challenges or barriers in your life, while developing achievable tasks and implementing new skills, shifting perspectives, and adapting your narrative, in order to achieve set-out goals. 


Therapeutic Approaches to Practice 

✔ Coaching 

✔ Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 

✔ Dialectical Behaviour Therapy 

✔ Internal Family Systems Therapy

✔ Integrative Therapy 

✔ Mindfulness 

✔ Narrative Therapy

✔ Neurofeedback

✔ Resiliency 

✔ Solution-Focused Therapy

✔ Somatic Experiencing 

✔ Strength-Based Therapy 

✔ Therapeutic Intervention 

Happy Couple

We Like To Ask !

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, lost, or without a sense of direction?

Are you going through a new transition, such as separation/divorce, grief, career change, or feeling the need for a new transition in life? 

Are you experiencing challenges in your interpersonal relationships, whether with your child(ren), spouse/partner or another person in your life? 

Are you trying to eliminate external stressors from your life? 

Do you have difficulty enforcing healthy boundaries and communication in relationships in your life? 

Are you concerned about your child or children and how they are coping? 

Are you worried about your relationship with your child(ren) and looking to strengthen it? 

Are you struggling to feel like you? 

Do you just feel the need to check-in?

Couple Reconcillation Therapy
Family Counseling

Life is not linear.

We zig zag up, down and back around. Just when we think we have a handle on things, something comes round the bend and challenges us again. 

Accessing therapeutic and/or parenting support does not mean there is anything "wrong" with you.


It takes strength and courage to reach out for support. Having a consistent go-to-therapist may even help you to sort things through before they even happen. Consider it emotional medicine. 

Sometimes you just need someone completely neutral to hear you out. Other times, you need a therapist to have intentional, raw, genuine and deliberate conversations with. 

Co & Associates is here to assist you. 

Co & Associates is a fee for service, however, if you have health/medical benefits, check with your benefit provider to see if you are eligible to recover fees through your benefit plan. 


Co & Associates respects your privacy and confidentiality. We are committed to protecting your privacy and the integrity of your personal information. 

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