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I am not sure there is ever “the perfect

Get to the other side of life’s challenges and feel your best mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

Co & Associates is a private social work practice that specializes in providing

one-to-one non-judgemental support for individuals, couples/partners,

families and, children.

“Co” is defined as mutual; joint or common 

Meet The Team

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Feel confident and live your life without anxiety, depression, or trauma taking control. Work with our Registered Social Worker and Psychotherapist to navigate life’s challenges, feel energized, and be empowered to manage day-to-day life.

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Melissa Klassen

Learn to better understand your child(ren). Work alongside our Parenting Coach, to strengthen your family connection and gain strategies for supporting your child with their emotional and developmental needs.  

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Stephanie Maza

Work with our Psychotherapist, who helps individuals heal emotional wounds, build resiliency, and work towards their goals to live a life full of happiness, fulfillment, and purpose. 

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Haadiya Saleem

Our Junior Associate Psychotherapist (Q), works with individuals ages 8-18. She is compassionate towards all backgrounds and walks of life, having experienced a wide variety of cultures firsthand with her residences in seven countries.


Virtual or in-person appointments. 

Safe, secure, and inclusive support.

Easy online booking. Daytime + Evening.

Therapeutic Support for Everyday Living 

Grandma and Grandchild in Embrace
Woman in a Field
Happy Family
Lesbian Couple

Throughout life, we encounter many different challenges, changes, and life-altering events. It happens to all of us.


This can make us feel very alone and unsure of what to do or how to feel better. These things can make living day-to-day life extremely difficult and hopeless.

You do not need to go through this alone.


With professional support, you can gain clarity and control. You can get unstuck and begin really living YOUR life as an individual, within a family and community, and in your daily life outside your home.

What it is like working with one of our professionals at Co & Associates: 


We care because we have gone through our own challenges in our own lives and with our own families. We understand where you’re coming from.

We have years of experience and education. Together we co-create a plan of action with you, set specific and personalized goals, and move at

your pace.

It is our goal to create an environment that is comfortable. We want you to feel heard and understood.

How to Choose Which Type of Therapy is Right for You and How to Choose the Best Therapist for You.

Download the FREE guide by Garion Sparks-Austin, BSW, RSW.

How to Get Your Kid to Listen Without Bribing or Having a Tantrum.

And get them to do what you say without a fight... for ages 2-7.

Download the FREE resource by

Melissa Klassen,

B.A. Soc., ECE, ESW.

Begin Your Journey Towards a Happier Life. 


Book a Consult with one of our professionals.


Spend time getting to know us to decide if we are a fit, while we come up with a plan for your specific challenges and goals.


Feel in control and confident that you have the strategies for everyday life.

What People Say!

Happy Couple

We really struggled to try to parent and avoid constant battles. After a few Zoom sessions with Melissa (who went out of her way to research and find tools and techniques for us), this house feels completely different. I'm so glad we asked for help. Kids don't come with handbooks and it was overwhelming for us trying to deal with behaviour problems (ODD), but now we feel prepared and thankful we have these resources available.

Garion has provided me with a safe place to talk about difficult things, she has taught me valuable skills for coping and managing my way through my current situation, I now see myself differently than I did initially, I value myself more, and in turn, others have noticed that even my dialogue, etc is more positive.
I sincerely look forward to attending appointments, I come away each and every time feeling more upbeat and positive.

Experiencing hopelessness doesn’t feel good. Getting the support and guidance you need is a sign of strength, not weakness or failure.

Imagine being at your best. Feeling connected. Feeling fulfilled. Understanding yourself and your thoughts. Understanding your family. Feeling capable that you have everything within you to live your best life.


Book a free consultation with one of our professionals today.

We look forward to working with you.

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