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How it Started vs How it’s Going 💫

The picture on the left is one of the only and first pictures I have to prove I am human! Most people have pictures of them freshly exiting their mother’s womb, oh but not I. This actually used to bother me because we place so much meaning on things and tick boxes to verify our existence, our worth as individuals, rather than appreciating our experiences and everything that occurs to formulate our present selves.

What no longer bothers me, at least as much, is the knowing that everything is temporary and we are not defined by temporary things, moments or words. We are cumulatively captivated by them for sure, but temporary things are just that, temporary.

We as human beings are not fixed beings. We have the ability and the blessing to heal, to move, to meander through life at different paces, with ever changing thoughts, moods and mindsets, so much so, that come to the end of life in old age, we may only slightly resemble who we were at the beginning of our lives.

The picture on the right was a shame-free selfie taken last week.

Within that moment captured, there is much emotion, both internalized and I can still feel exuding from my memory. Much of the experiences and paths that have lended to my present positioning in life have been complex, simple, terrifying, beautiful, freeing and masterfully disastrous, all compiled into my existence.

There are moments of pure and utter frustration, exhaustion, terror, stress, hysteria; but they are complemented or deduced by moments that shine on with beauty, gut-filling joy where it just feels like it permeates every cell of my body and I am beaming like a Care Bear, with love, simplicity, appreciation, abundance, gratitude, stillness and peace.

The journey through life is painted with so many colours and brushes. It’s not a one size fits all and no two are the same as another.

Every single experience or even moment compels us to make our own unique choices, often without predictable outcomes or results, but that definitely lend to our ever evolving foundations or stories.

The ongoing beauty of life is in rediscovering our resiliency, our strength, our self-compassion and re-learning and defining of our boundaries, of what we stand for and who we are continuously evolving into being.

There is limited stagnancy and the more we let go of our own resistance to change, the better we are able to persevere and grow. Who we are yesterday does not define who we are today. Pieces of our past may always remain; however, we can choose to leave behind what no longer serves us and take only with us what we need from the days past. How we started does not mean we are the same now or tomorrow.

What matters most is we keep going and refuse to stop evolving.

Until next time,


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