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The beginning...

There’s so much to talk and think about…knowing where to start is always hard, but then it becomes easier, once we gain momentum and our thoughts start to process and organize themselves.

Knowing how or when to start with therapy is never an easy happening. It seems there has been such development in the “self-help” realm, but still such stigma around actually seeking help, rather than just scrolling through social media and reading beautifully composed posts, but still not even finding that movement within to reach out.

I welcome you for being here, just the sheer fact that you have stumbled upon this today or that you have become a member of the Co & Associates Community, aka: Co Community, regardless of how you got here, it means that you’re finding movement within yourself.

Each of us are so unique and our experiences are so different, despite some shared themes or emotions, no two lives are the exact same. Yet, a common or recurring theme is that throughout life, most, if not all of us, will need some kind of therapeutic connection.

Even if we are surrounded by people, there are moments in our lives we can feel so very alone, isolated or as though we have exhausted our own support systems. Usually, it is when we are nearing this point or we have extended well beyond that we finally start to search, ask or find a therapist, a coach, a middle ground.

Do not be deceived by others that their lives move with ease and no disruptions. Some of us carry our weight differently, others pack it down as far as possible to shift the load, but it is always still there.

A therapist can help you reorganize, to shed the load and find a new route to which you carry it with you. We cannot erase our lives, or decisions and our own second-guessing, it is impossible, yet we can learn how to live with it, how to have more meaningful conversations and to reach to greater depths that help us resurrect in new forms of our own selves.

Whether you connect with me, or any other therapist is up to you. Not everyone is everyone’s cup of tea and that is okay, that is the beauty in our lives and differences. At some point you will intersect and find the right fit. So when seeking a therapist, ask yourself what you need, who they look like and what they sound like, then take those thoughts and explore. Reach out, ask questions about your therapist, how they practice, where they practice and what the process will feel, sound and look like; then, continue to ask questions, even once you are well into your sessions.

Always remember that being here does not mean there is anything wrong. There is nothing wrong with having lived and having had experiences, challenges, decisions and traumas.

It takes courage to sit with yourself, to want to reach out shatters the vulnerability we have all been conditioned to accept as the driver of our lives.

While your therapist cannot drive for you, they can definitely help you along your journey.

Until next time,


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